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Singing the World Around

Today the Christian music industry is leaps and bounds ahead of where it was only ten years ago. An industry with sales grossing over half a billion every year and a genre which sits right above jazz, classical, soundtracks and even Latin. Today it is the sixth largest genre in the world.

In an industry that is growing in its reputation for being ruthless, placing “Christian” in front of it might not change much. Many have manipulated the gospel scene to pocket a million or two and everywhere today integrity is hard to find.

This is not the cry of singer/songwriter and recording artist, Isak Bosman. Bosman is an established professional in the Christian music scene, who understands the vitality of being authentic. “I cannot vouch for anyone else, but I know that when I make music it must be from a place of integrity and honesty. I have had the privilege to play on some pretty big stages and it’s easy to get swooped up in the success of it all. But I know that I cannot ever be successful but not be truthful in my art, else I have failed.”

Bosman has been on this journey of making music professionally for 5 years now, performing at venues like the Sydney Entertainment Centre, where the likes of Robbie Williams, Elton John and David Bowie are regular faces. He has toured three other continents and witnessed the gathering of many nations, but Bosman insists that none of it is why he makes music. “I believe in making great music, don’t get me wrong, but I believe that music needs to both be personal and impersonal. We need a perspective to relate to, but then also a way to see what’s bigger than ourselves. I believe my music ultimately has to make us look to God in His wonder and then looks to our neighbor and says, I can make a difference…I have to make a difference.”

Bosman sees his music as an art that only God can bring to color. He insists that without God at the center it’s all just a big noise. “I am convinced that without God as my focus, I won’t be able to bring to people the music that has come through my life. It’s scary at the same time, because I am responsible for reflecting that. But my confidence lies in knowing that He is faithful to His plan and I just need to stay willing.”

Whatever way you perceive his approach, his music is certainly not going to leave you indifferent.

With a scheduled tour in South Africa this summer and a follow-up tour of the United Kingdom he will soon be signing the world around and around.

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