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Singing Lessons to Fame

It is said singers are born, not made. A beautiful voice is God‘s gift and either you have it or you don’t. Though a good voice can make you a singer, it is not good enough a talent to make you a performer. While a singer has only their voice to offer to the crowd, a performer has the ability to transform their song into a complete performance, providing the viewers with an all inclusive entertainment package. Thus it is often said, that performers are not born, but made.

How are performers made? Los Angeles based vocal coach Monica Margolis knows all about it. Known as “The Vocal Guru” of the stars of past, present and future, the name Monica Margolis has become synonymous to vocal coaching and singing lessons that help singers rediscover their dreams and talents. One of the most famous names in the world of vocal coaches, Monica has been a mentor to various actors, singers, dancers and artists, for more than twenty years!

As a trainer of this great art form, Monica specializes in teaching her vocal method to singers at various levels. Monica has the rare ability to reach out to the young beginner as well as performing artists with grace and confidence, thus making her singing lessons a source of joy to all students, irrespective of their age and maturity level as a singer. Monica Margolis’s students have been known to fly from across the globe to attend her singing lessons in person as well as skype them. The famous “Monica Margolis Vocal Method” is an avant-garde technique developed with the performers specific needs in mind in order to achieve great success!

The Monica Margolis studio is one of the most sought after performing arts studios in the world where students are tutored in singing, acting, songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, drums and of course by Monica interacting freely with her students. While teaching them proper vocal mechanics and mentoring on surviving in the highly competitive music industry as well as interviewing with such shows as American Idol’s “Idol Chat,” Monica  also helps her students develop the much hyped ‘X factor’ which is invaluable for a performer.

Anna has been writing articles online for nearly 3 years now. To find out more about Monica and The Monica Margolis Vocal Method you may visit her website at to get a more detailed look and see what students have to say about her innovative and effective private singing lessons or vocal lessons.

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