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How You Can Sing Like a Star

All of us have favorite singers.  Though we all love music we each like a different kind of music and a different singer. There are some people who only to listen to the music but many  love to sing along. This cheers up the spirits and makes the heart grow fonder while singing.

You will notice that some friends would repeatedly keep playing the same type of music throughout or the same singer’s music.  This may seem boring to others but the person doing this feels very confident that some day they could sing like that star singer.
They watch the every movement of the body and the way the mic is held in the hand, the way they smile and gain the attention of the audience.  They even try to get to know more about the star from books and magazines and the internet too.  This is a great help as it allows you a wider perspective on the star.
When they are not being observed definitely the person is bound to imitate the star’s performance.  It’s not a bad habit; it is a healthy habit and should be encouraged.
This is one of the best ways to learn to sing like a star.  Watch repeatedly the videos, and then turn down the vocals which can be done only by karaoke machines and CDs, sing along with the star, practice the dancing of the star.  Do it over and over again.  You are definitely the next star to be noticed, without a doubt you are!
Take a lot of tips on how to be a perfect singer, meet more friends and discuss details about your favorite star, go through all the good and bad habits of the star, filter them and get the best out of it.  
Most of all, ‘practice makes perfect’, so if you want to be a star you can’t become one overnight.

 You have to practice, practice and practice over and over again till you feel confident enough to perform; till you feel that your audience will applaud you for your performance.
Still feeling doubtful?  Don’t worry too much, the karaoke machine with its accompaniments will surely make you achieve your goal and someday you would say a big thank you not only to your audience but also to your karaoke machine that gave you the opportunity to be famous.
It has many benefits like you can sing along with the original tune in the background.  You can imagine yourself as a popular star while you sing and do the movements of the star performer.  A trial costs nothing, so just try it and feel the difference.

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