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How to Sing High Notes

Endeavoring to learn new ranges which lie beyond your natural singing one, can bring about the benefits of expanding your abilities and creativity as a singer. Learning how to sing high notes falls into this learning process and is often seen as a great challenge.

There comes a stage when your normal range can go no higher, without forcing or straining things. No vocal exercises or singing practices should ever be forced, this is in order to protect your vocal chords. A singer is not going to get far without those valuable instruments!

We each have our own natural vocal range, but pushing beyond it is a practiced skill. There will be a point when you hit the top of your natural range, when the voice starts breaking up and everything coming out of your throat will sound like it is falling to pieces. Congratulations, you will have hit the barrier!

It is beyond this point a singer will need to reach, literally singing through that barrier in order to break into the different ranges above. Once that first barrier has been breached, it is generally regarded that it is easier to find even more.

Reaching those higher notes, as well as in general singing, will be helped along by good posture which brings strong airflow to the lungs. Control of that air will come from the diaphragm as well as retraining the muscles which move the larynx up and down.

The muscles which control the larynx are naturally tense and so knowing how to sing high notes will also be knowing how to make these very muscles relax. Higher notes actually use less air than lower ones, along with shortened vocal chords. When air is released through a shortened vocal chord, it will vibrate at a much higher rate and in turn produce a higher note. This is where all those training exercises will come in handy!

Practice and dedication will get you there. Everyone has the ability to sing through the barrier and reach those other ranges. It may take time, but when that moment comes it will be a natural high.

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