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How to Learn to Sing at Home

To learn to sing at home you will need to have a firm resolve to practice and to self tutor yourself. This can be hard or a easy depending on your resources and your willingness to stick to it and be self critical as you go.

Some more general tips as you practice can greatly aid your improving voice however so here are a few you can follow:


Good breathing is absolutely essential to good singing. Being able to breath with good form and having absolute control of this will improve your singing greatly. To breath well while singing you need to breath from the Diaphragm which is the area below and underneath your ribcage. Practice breathing from this lower point in your lungs rather than from your chest which we all often do. Make sure when you breath like this you stay on control of the diaphragm muscles when exhaling.


Having good posture when singing even when just practicing is a very good habit that will aid your breathing techniques. It will also give you more control of your voice and add volume without straining your throat.

Make sure you stand in a relaxed fashion with you legs slightly apart, your shoulder back and but not tense and your head and chin up but not overly so. You should not feel stiff but you should feel upright, balanced, relaxed and poised.

Try standing in front of a mirror and watching yourself as you sing. By changing


Volume is important when performing and a strong clear voice carries the unique timbre of each person better. When practicing, this is not as important as good technique though. Singing too hard and too loud especially if you may not have perfected your singing or might be straining for high or low notes may damage your throat.

To learn to sing at home you should be taking it easy on the volume, there is no need to yell!

So if you want to learn to sing at home you can get a good start with these basic tips. Other helpful resources that can guide you when practicing to tutor you at your own pace are downloadable singing guides and software.

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