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How to Have Singing Confidence

I am sure you have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”. Do you agree with that? I don’t. This is because if you practice the wrong things, then you will only perfect the wrong things. So the phrase should be “perfect practice makes perfect”, isn’t it? So what has this got to do with your singing career and confidence building? Plenty. I will explain in a little while.

Similar to the phrase above is “knowledge is power”. What if the knowledge you have contains grave misinformation, then by applying the knowledge, then you may make grave mistakes. That can be terrible and potentially ruin your reputation as a singer or in any other careers.

There are many myths about singing methods and vocal training and such misinformation can damage your voice permanently, shatter your confidence or worse prematurely end your career. Even if the knowledge you gained is correct, it means nothing until it is properly applied. Then will you see results and feel the difference. This is when your confidence will grow. As you see better and better results, you thus will continue to grow more competent and confident.

One of the biggest obstacles many singers are confronted with is the lack of confidence when they are about to go on stage. Their nerves become a series of stumbling blocks that get higher and harder to get until it becomes a brick wall. This lack of confidence keeps a singer from performing at their best and investing in singing lessons to improve their craft. If you are one of them, you don’t know what you are missing out.

Trying to gain confidence from self-help books, hypnosis, meditation and relaxation exercises may help you to identify and address the concerns you may have with your jittery nerves and fear. However, real confidence will not begin to grow without actively engaging some kind of public performances, even if it is only singing in the church choir or singing with your friends in some karaoke binges. In other words, confidence in public singing is largely built by actively engaged through practices and performances. So find singing lessons and programs by good vocal coaches to seek perfection in your practices and performances.

You are actually a communicator when you sing. You are delivering messages and telling stories in melodic tunes. You get your audience to think and feel with emotion. As you tell the stories, you need an audience to receive your messages and hear your stories being delivered artistically. You thus also run the risks of being appreciated, loved, rejected, criticized or being heckled at.

You can sing as much as you want in your bathroom or anywhere else with excellent interpretive skills and perfect tonality, but your confidence will never begin to grow until you perform live in front of an audience again and again.

If fears and jittery nerves are holding you back in your singing career, then start to conquer them by taking one step by step and you will find that as your confidence grows, those steps will get bigger.

You can begin by looking for every little opportunity to sing. Perhaps you can start by singing for a friend or a family member and then add a few more friends and loved ones as you get more confident. By then, you can proceed to look for singing opportunities in your community in small gatherings such birthday parties, old folks home or the local children’s hospital just to name a few examples.

Look for enough opportunities to keep moving ahead and keep on learning and polishing your craft. This is because when you get better and better in your singing, your confidence will improve in tandem. So the only way to better your singing skills is to get expert coaching and practice with good singing programs.

Your confidence will come as you improve your singing techniques and with your commitment to move past your fears and doubts. When you stumble and fall now and then, you need to get back up and press on having learned from those lessons. Confidence grows with experience through performing in front of people, processing the feedback and investing in good singing programs that engage your full singing potential .

Let’s face it squarely. You will never achieve singing success and realize your full singing potential if you do not face the challenges head on and move up to the next level in your singing career confidently.

Chris Chew is a fitness, health and relationship consultant. Read his free articles at Singing Lesson Success Program and How To Be Cocky And Funny With Women

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