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How to Become a Good MC?

A master of ceremonies or MC is the host of an official public or private staged event or other performance. MC’s task is to present performers, speak to the audience, and keep the event moving well and smoothly. Nowadays, MC becomes a popular and favorite job in the world but requires lots of qualities such as patience, humor, good presentation, and so on. How to be a good MC? These are the tips for you:

Know the event

These instructions apply to all sorts of ceremonies, from graduations to celebrity roasts. The key to being a good MC is confidence, so knowing what is going on is of great importance.


MC Hilda Khalife of Star Academy


Establish the contact well before the event day

The contact will show the schedule and order of events, allowing MC to be well prepared. Moreover, MC’s preparation will let him/her emphasize on interacting with the crowd.


MC Adam Lambert


Debelle is considered to favorite all-time lady MCs


Smile constantly

Smiling shows the crowd that you are at ease and have a good time. Thus, MC should imagine several happy or funny scenarios and play out these scenarios in your head as you’re talking to the crowd.


MC Molly Qerim of ESPN


Lil Wayne of Rap music


Don’t write a script

Good MCs don’t read lines from note cards. It is obvious that MCs help everyone have fun by keeping them to remember the highlights of what is already happened. In addition, good MCs write an outline.


Jaime Little‘s charming beauty of ESPN


Practice in front of the mirror

Spending some hours in front of mirror helps MC evaluate all the areas such as smiling, light-hearted characteristics, and so on.


Ashley Russell


MC Kristian Digby of BBC



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