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Everyone Wants To Be A Singing Star

If you have ever watched the auditions for American Idol and are struck with the thought that many misguided people view themselves as singing stars? Tens of thousands of people fill basketball or football arenas vying for the opportunity to sing for the judges and become the next singing sensation. Unfortunately, for the judges and the viewing audiences, many of those auditioning have little or no talent. Why do they think they can sing when it is so obvious to the rest of the world that singing is the last thing they should be doing with their time?

Karaoke bars in the East Village are another adventure in the quest for stardom. With much less pressure than Stephen Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy, anyone can sing in the comfort of a comfortable bar. If the audience has had enough to drink, they will think you are fabulous! It is a fun way to spend a weekend evening, dancing and singing with friends and strangers. You do not have to worry about forgetting the lyrics as they are on a screen in front of you. Drink, sing and encourage your fellow singers, no competition, no Simon to ruin your self-image, just entertainment and fun.

Julie Andrews started her singing career at the tender age of 10. Her Mother and stepfather had an act on vaudeville where her mother played the piano and her stepfather sang. They discovered early that Julie had an amazing voice and inserted her at times into their act. She became a regular, as a plant in the audience. When the entertainer would ask if anyone in the audience would like a chance to sing, little Julie would enthusiastically raise her hand, be called upon and happily come on stage and sing amazing arias, difficult cantatas and beautiful ballads. She was a sensation.

From there Julie’s career continued to grow until she was doing Broadway at the age of 20. Her first Broadway role was that of Eliza in “My Fair Lady”, which was a huge sensation.

While you may not be Julie Andrews, who knows you might. However, if you love to sing, and are looking for a compassionate audience, and great night out, a karaoke bar in the East Village is the perfect place to test the waters. Who knows, maybe we will see your name in lights one day.

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